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Did I missed any steps

Dears , 

I have following these steps to run wikitude  on my iPhone :

Steps I followed :

1- cordova create AugmentedRealityProject com.yourid.arsample ARProject

2-cd AugmentedRealityProject

3-cordova platform add ios

4-cordova build ios

5-cordova plugin add com.wikitude.phonegap.wikitudeplugin@8.10.0

6-cordova build

7- I downloed from GitHub

8-  Then the following steps


  • All files from SampleAppResources/js into your www/js directory
  • All files from SampleAppResources/css into your www/css directory
  • The entire directory SampleAppResources/jquery into your www/ directory
  • The entire directory SampleAppResources/world into your www/ directory
  • Copy index.html
  • from SampleAppResources/ into your www/ directory (overwrite) Your project directory now should roughly look like this

And I changed the license Key 

when I opened Xcode and build the created app into my iPhone 7 which has the latests IOS  and I opened the app when I click nothing is happening and a text box that want me to add URL in it WORLDURL what shall I put there  Please see the attachment .

Thank you 

(242 KB)
(298 KB)
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Please use the latest SDK version and the make sure to work with the SDK sample app that is included in the SDK download package.

Thx and greetings


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