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can I use my api to serve wtc, like Wikitude Cloud Recognition?


I'm using your service to my AR app.


I know there is 'Cloud Recognition'.

I want to ask about it in my case.


I want to try with my api.(using GCP). 

we already have 'file request api' with JWT(json web token).


and can I use my own api to load wtc file I want?

what I want to know is 2 things.


1. how can I use wtc with 'stream the wtc'(I'm not sure it's proper words or not.)

I mean, can I load wtc with own api? because of your cloud service, I think there's might some possible way...

2. (if 1 is passed) can I do 'authentication' for it?

like token key in the header when http or something. (as I said, I already have JWT authentication api. i want to know is that can I use it with your service(especially for loading wtc).

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Yes you can store a .wtc files for client based tracking on your own server and load them from there. Further details can be found also in the documentation on how / where to set the .wtc file:

The .wtc file can e.g. be created via the Studio Frontend manually, once you have downloaded the .wtc file, you can upload it to your own server.

2. This is independent from any Wikitude service, you just need to make sure that the .wtc file referenced directly and can be downloaded from there without intermediate step. 

I hope this helps.



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