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Plane Detection in Xamarin.Forms

Hello Team,

I am currently trying to implement below use case,

Use case:  To detect vertical surface(eg wall) and place an object on wall.

I am integrating wikitude sdk with Xamarin.Forms platform using page renderer.

Below are the technical details-

Xamarin.Wikitude.SDK.JS(8.10.0) - JS API

Xamarin.Android Version: (Visual Studio Community)

Xamarin.iOS Version: (Visual Studio Community)

As per my analysis so far,I understand that we need to use plane detection for implementing above usecase.

Could you please assist how we can achieve this in Xamarin?

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the JavaScript version of the Wikitude SDK does not support plane detection. You will have to use the native SDK for that (or the Unity plugin which is based on the native SDK).

- Daniel

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