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Texture problem (lost texture) from Blender 2.79 when exporting to fbx.

Hello! I would like to ask if you have any documentation to export to fbx from Blender without losing the textures of the model. I already read the official documentation but it doesn't work. It seems that it is a problem of the plugin that Blender uses to export (the version I use is Blender 2.79). I would like to know what 3D modeling software you used to create the example of the red car in the documentation. Or could you tell me some free software or with some trial version you can recommend me to export to fbx without losing textures. Regards!

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Unfortunately we received the car like this and have no insight into which software was used or specific settings in regards to the texture were specified.

As we don't have any 3D artists / specialists in our team (we normally get our 3D models from turbosquid), who are very skilled in blender, the only guidelines we can provide are the details in the documentation. 

If 3D content is a factor for you and you have troubles with the .fbx handling and converting to .wt3, did you check out our Unity plugin, which is more suitable to work with high quality 3D content.

Thx and greetings


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