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Using a 3D model (fbx) with Object Tracking


We're trying to get the Unity Object Tracking example running with an FBX we have of an Xbox One Controller. We are using SDK 8.10.0 and Unity 2018.4.16f1

We are able to make a .wto using Wikitude Studio by taking images of the model from various angles. I am doing that by taking screenshots at angles of regular intervals around and above/below the model of the Xbox Controller in Unity, using a white background and a camera FoV of 45.

When I take the generated .wto and use it in the sample Object Tracking - Simple, it does not recognize/track the object. I have had success recognizing/tracking a computer mouse we took real-world photos of. However, for our use case we need to use 3D models.

Is there a proper way to take artificial image of a model on the computer for Object Tracking?

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