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Fixes now users can browes over 100 targets at a time

 I downloaded the latest version of Wikitude. but I still can't increase the number of 'Current targets more than 5' even though it's supposed to accept up to 100 targets. I'm wrong about the topic or what?

Hi Muhamad,

Could you please explain your use case in more detail, so we can provide the needed feedback from our end? In general the performance of the AR experience might decrease depending on the number of images you wish to recognize simultaneously (depending on the device). So it would be important to understand if 100 images really need to be tracked simultaneously.

Thx and greetings


I want to recognize 11 rooms with the version that was released on 10/12/2019.

It says that I can recognize 11 targets but in Unity, it still says that I will have performance problems.

I only want to know if it is possible to achieve this.


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