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Image tracker not updating

I'm trying to integrate image tracking into my application but the image tracker doesn't seem to be updating. I'm using a custom image input plugin. Based on my debugging the sdk is running. The image tracker successfully loads the image collection. My plugin is initializing. When I call the function to notify the sdk of my custom image frame from my camera input plugin the camera frame available method of my plugin is getting called and returns the pointer to my frame. However the image tracker doesn't seem to recognize any images and the update method of my plugin that provides the recognized target bucket never gets called.

How can I verify if the image tracker is receiving my image? Is there anything that could be preventing the image tracker from running even if the sdk is active? Does the camera input plugin need to provide frames at a specific time in order for them to correctly propagate through the system?

I am using the native ios SDK version 8.10 running on an iPad pro 11 inch running ios 13.3.1

The sample apps all work correctly on my device.


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