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Object & Scene Tracking OR Instant Tracking

Hello Wikitude !

My team and I have a AR project to work on. 

We are sure that wikitude sdk can do the job but I think we do not fully understand the sdk functionnalities .

Our project is very close to what is presented in Wikitude video :

From 00:51 to 01:40

We want, in an industrial environnement, make issues report in a scene with virtual tags. So we have to save the scene and objects virtually added and load them on an other device to allow an other operator to find the scene and see the virtual tags.

The final result that we expect is something like this :


Our first choice was to use the instant tracking, but it seems to be used in " an arbitrary environment". However, our envirnomnet is not arbitrary, we want to see virtual tag in a specfic envirnoment, reconised by the sdk.

So we look into "Scene Recognition", but in this case, we have to prepare our objects with Wikitude Studio, so operator cannot directly add virtual tag into scene before conversion to .wto file. We have to take pictures, make conversion, load .wto file to operator's device, then he have to go back to the real place to add virtual tags.

It's not what we want.

I'm sure we are missing something, Wikitude video proves that it's possible.

It's will be very helpfull if someone can guide us on the best way to do that.

Every advices are welcome.

Thank you very much by advance.

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