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Wikitude Front cam Accessing problem.

I am accessing wikitude's  front cam for image scanning purpose in my all scenes, However, the front cam works well in IPhone 6s but not in IPhone 7plus . In Iphone 7plus, the front doesn't start instead the back cam starts automatically. I am using Xcode to run the app on my both Iphones.

Which version of the SDK=8.10

If you work with Unity, what Unity version are you using? 2018.2.7f1

What device does this happen with (model details and OS version)? IPhone 7plus 13.3.1

please help us out


From what I understand the Front camera access is not working on the iPhone 7+? Does the SDK sample app and the front camera access work on this device? 

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola, 
yes, the camera is taking a random position in iPhone 7 plus. Even after setting the device position.
Here is my code.



public class WikiFrontCameraController : MonoBehaviour


    public WikitudeCamera Camera;

    void Start()


        Camera.DevicePosition = CaptureDevicePosition.Front;

        print("Front camera accessed");



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