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Instant Tracking Simple requires ARCore and app doesnt work

Hi, everybody,

I'm working with:
- Unity 2018.4.8f1
- Wikitude 8.10.0

When I load the Simple(Instant Tracking) scene I get a popup with the message: "This application requires the latest version of ARCore"

This shouldn't happen, if I run it on a phone that doesn't support ARCore, it should work with wikitude's SLAM, right?

I need help, please.

Thank you

Hi Mikel,

We're looking into the settings and setup and will let you know via the ticket or this post.

Thx and greetings


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Good afternoon,

I'm still waiting for your answer/solution

Thank you,


Hi Mikel,

Our team is currently checking why this behavior is happening. We can reproduce it and have an internal case open to fix it as soon as possible and of course if an update of the SDK is needed, we'll release a hotfix version.

Thx for your understanding and I'll let you know once I have anything further.


Hi Nicola,

OK, I'll wait for your answer, thank you very much,



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