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iOS remote video drawable loads very long time on wifi


in my app all videos are played online (not from device). When iPhone have mobile connection, everything works perfect. When iPhone have only wifi, videos in AR loads for a very long time (sometimes few minutes). The same videos in html in <video> tag loads in just a second.
Android app works with the same speed on both network connections.
This case was tested on many iPhones and with many wifis - always with the same result.
Debugging shows no logs. AR.VideoDrawable.onPlaybackStarted is triggered just after image detection, so it just hangs on first frame of video, insted of showing loading circle. On Android it waits on loading circle until video starts.
Hope you know what can be cause of this, because i don't have a clue.
Here is videos showing bug:

Wikitude SDK: 8.10.0
Cordova: 9.0
iPhone: many
Sample video: (size and codecs just like it's in docs)

If you want, I can send you my source code.


One more thing: when first video with wifi is loaded, then all other videos works like they should be.


Does the same issue occur when you use the Wikitude Cordova SDK sample app --> simply change one of the 'Video' samples in the app and replace the loading of the video from the asset folder with the video on your server that you mention above?

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola,
I tested it with sample app - problem doesn't occur, when I have 1-3 videoDrawables. In sample app problem is more visible when you have many videoDrawables, 10+. I checked access.log on my server, it looks that creating videoDrawable already starting download video, so with many videoDrawables all transfer is occupied with downloading many videos so one assigned to detected image can't start play.
I don't know why it behaves differenlty on wifi and mobile connection.

For now I managed to bypass this problem by creating videoDrawable in ImageTrackable.onImageRecognized and assigning it with this.drawables.addCamDrawable.

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