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Back boutton



I Using Wikitude 8.10.1 for cordova ( 9.0.0) and it works very well, with your example and my experience.

But i want to make a Back button. The Android device back button works and the Ios Swipe to, but not my button. 

I test all thing i found like this :


The end solution do something but don't works: When I push, the button I stay in the windows but the button disappear and wikitude stop : but the camera still open and stream but wikitude don't recognize my target. 


document.location = 'architectsdk://actionButton?action=close'


That the code to my button and here my onURLInvoked



onURLInvoked: function (url) {

 The alert is not call. ( i have place alert on every methode but nothing is call)

I try with the onJSONObjectReceived with this code: 

var obj = {};
    obj.action = "close";

  And nothing too.


the Test device is :  

Android Samsung Galaxie S 7 : android 8.0.0

Ios Iphone Xr and SE : ios 13.3


Have you some example for go back to my call page? 

I have try this too :


Thanks for help

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Here is a Video of what is happening : 

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