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Input Plugin API + ARCore


We are evaluating the Wikitude SDK for an application to use Object Tracking and extended tracking. In our tests (using Samsung S9 and Nokia 7 Plus) the extended tracking is not working properly - you need to move the smartphone **very slow** to get this working-.

After that we tried to update the ARCore SDK to see if it is possible to use a newer version of ARCore in the Unity project (I think that, at this moment, the latest version in your SDK is v1.5). We have checked that Wikitude SDK implements ARCore as an internal feature and it's not possible to change the version.

Then, we saw the Input Plugin API and our current approach is to have an ARCore session working and then send the camera frame to the SDK Input Plugin for the Object Tracking.

Is this possible?

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Hi José Carlos,

We will follow-up with you and contact you on this directly via email.

Thx and greetings


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