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3D objects don't show in the encoder but do in Autodesk fbx reviewer

So I know how difficult this encoder can be with textures and everything so what I usually do is make sure everything looks the way it should before animating it and then I usually don't have to worry about this kind of last minute, oh, there's a problem.

Simply said. Everything is cool, but After I animated the objects certain parts (wheels, rims) disappear in the encoder but are visible in the Autodesk fbx review. 

Also I have reimported the fbx back into Blender and sure enough all of the assets are visible.

Screenshots of before and after.

(765 KB)

Hi Kyle,

Could you please provide us with the original .fbx file, so we can test and investigate this. You can send the file also to forum [at] in case you can't share it publicly.

Thx and greetings


Hey Nicola,

I sent both the unanimated .fbx and the animated .fbx to the email you provided.


So crazy news, I figured out what was causing this odd problem.

For some reason when animating the scale of the van from 0 to 1. The wheels would not show up, The wheels are parented to the van with empties and drivers for rotation, I'd say a simple normal "car" rig.

So I just animated the scale from .00002 (just not completely 0, but definitely "hidden")  to 1. and wapow, everything works.

So if anyone runs across this problem in the future, Always plan ahead and save / export your models before animating them to ensure a clean backup to start from.

Then if problems do happen you can go back to the original model and animate object transforms singularly and export until you find the root cause of the problem. 

For me is was scaling from 0 up.

Hope this helps.  

Hi Kyle,

Thx for reporting back that it's working and how you fixed it. I'll inform our team that they can close the case.

Thx and greetings


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