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Video issue with iOS Devices (sdk version 8.10.1)



we have a big issue with our augmented reality project.

We purchased the SDK PRO 3D and we are using com.wikitude.phonegap.WikitudePlugin version 8.10.1.

With our iOS devices we try to open video file with the command:

The video play correctly, but all the times we close the video to come back to the camera scene, the camera freezes.
 In some devices like iphone XS after the swipe the camera freezes and I still hear the audio of the video itself.
In our ipad I get a black screen after I've closed the video.

Problems were detected in 

iphone 7 with 13.3

iphone 8 plus with 13.3.1

iphone Xs with 13.3 

ipad air 2 with 13.3

Thanks for your help,


Yoomee Srl

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