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Scaling the width of Image Drawable to the width of recognized image


I'm using wikitude sdk version 5.2.0 for xamarin, for Image Detection.

I'm overlaying Recognized image with the ImageDrawable and i have set the Height of ImageDrawable to 1SDU,

Using this approch I'm able to set the height of overlay to that of Target image being recognized, but I alseo want to scale the width of Drawable to that of width of Target image.

Sample code snippet:

 this.imgBorder = new AR.ImageDrawable(imgBorder_IR, 1, {

            offsetX: 0,

            offsetY: 0


Is there any possible to way to scale the width of overlay based upon the aspect ration of target image ?


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Is this post referring to the same question:

If so, could you please include the details from above in this thread to the other one, that we can only work with on and close this one?

Thx and greetings


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