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How to Share App (Trial SDK) for Team Review

I have built an app in unity using the Trial SDK and transferred to my iPhone for testing using Xcode. How can I now share the app with my team colleagues (remotely) ??

Hi Steve,

I saw that you posted another question related to Testflight (which is answered by our team), so I assume your question on how to share / test the app is answerd.

As long as the app is not published in a store (public iOS or Enterprise iOS store) you can work with the trial license.

Thx and greetings


You have to archive your app, which you already tried from what I see from your posts, and then you have to upload it into App Store Connect and enable Testflight.

The problem is, that in order to upload an app you would need a bundle ID other than "com.wikitude.unityexample" since that one is not available...

But the Trial Key is just working with this bundle ID, from what I unterstand...

Long story short: You can't distribute an app over Testflight because you can't upload it onto App Store Connect.

Am I right @WikitudeSupport?

AdHoc distribution is still an option I think. Testflight also used this method back in the days before it was acquired by Apple...

I can confirm, that AdHoC distribution works.

Hi Gökhan ;)

The SDK Trial key is working independently from the bundle id - so any bundle id used is fine as long as you're working with your Trial key that can be found on your license page -

Commercial keys are bound to a specific app id.

Thx and greetings


Hi nicola^^ Aaa ok. I mixed up the Trial key with the Key already provided in the unity template...
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