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Instant Tracking with moving 3D model

I need to place a vehicle in a specific street and after the user kits the play button, the vehicle starts moving forward.

I've tried instant tracking, but if I move the camera away from the model's anchor point, it loses the tracking. I lowered the camera resolution to the default resolution and it helped a bit, but it isn't 100% reliable.

Other thing I tried was to use the geolocation feature. but it is extremely unreliable, as sometimes the vehicle appears in front and sometimes in the back. And as I move away from the vehicle, it moves with me.

I was thinking about using the instant target feature, but it would be able to create a map for an entire street? And would people passing mess up the tracking?

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As you mentioned that you're moving away from the achor point - do you refer to the model not being displayed on its place where you originially placed it? Does the 3D model 'stick' to the place where you put it? 

You can scan the street and and store / load the map if needed - also without storing the map, you'd need to try out the behaviour in the street directly. As the quality of the tracking is very dependent on the surrounding where the scanning is happening, testing under real conditions is recommended. 

Some people passing by, should not influence the bahaviour. If you'd e.g. use the feature on a place where a lot of people and other objects are changing in the scene, the behaviour might not be as good as expected.

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