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Hi, I am using more than 200 3D model files (WT3) with corresponding audio(sound) files. when I render the 3Dmodel with respect to the sound I get lag in

is it a suggestable way to play 3D model and sound in this manner or is there an alternative way to efficiently render 3Dmodel with respective model sound.  one more thing can a .fbx file can be combined or added with sound(audio)?

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Good morning,

I'm assuming you are trying to start the sound exactly when the model appears on the screen, is that correct? Are you waiting for the onLoaded callback event of both the AR.Sound and the AR.Model?

I don't think an FBX file can contain audio information, and even if it could, I'm certain we are not including it when converting to the WT3 file format.

- Daniel

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