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Target Collection Resource Failed


- Using the example Wikitude_Unity_Hololens_8-10-0_8-10-0_2019_12_10_13_20_23

- Unity 2018.4.5f1

No matter what I do the object tracker always give me 

Error loading URL Resource!
        Error Code: 1001
        Error Domain: com.wikitude.target_collection_resource
        Error Message: The target collection resouce is not accessible from the given URL 'file://Wikitude/brakepad.wt3'
    Underlying Error: 
        Error Code: 3002
        Error Domain: com.wikitude.resource_manager
        Error Message: Failed to load requested resource
    Underlying Error: 
        Error Code: 2
        Error Domain: com.wikitude.network_implementation
        Error Message: No such file or directory: Wikitude/brakepad.wt3

 This happens in the Unity editor

Steps to reproduce:

0 - Make .wt3 file with Wikitude 3d encoder from FBX (brakepad.wt3)

1 - Get

2 - import MRTK2

3 - Open sample scene "Object Tracking - Simple"

4 - Select object tracker and select "use custom url"

5 - Setting the path to brakepad.wt3, file://brakepad.wt3, Wikitude/brakepad.wt3 doesn't work

(212 KB)

Hi Florian,

From the description and error message it looks like you're trying to use our .wt3 file format (which is the format used for 3D augmentations) as Object Target Collection file. This would actually be our .wto file format. 

You can find further details on how to create .wto file for Object Recognition here:



Ah alright I will look into it.

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