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Configure Cordova plugin on Ionic Capacitor


I need to configure Cordova SDK on a Ionic Capacitor app. After installing the npm package and run npx sync, build phase fail on xCode (framework not found). Do I have to install manually the SDK package on ios folder? I have this problem after migrating the Ionic Angular Cordova app to Ionic v4 Capacitor where we don't have the common cordova platforms.. I don't know how to integrate this plugin.

Thank you for your help and happy new year !

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Hi Alejandro,

We unfortunately do not support Ionic or Capacitor officially and can't provide any guarantee that our SDK versions work as expected with these. Saying this, we unfortunately can't provide any support or details on an integration for these, as we don't have the setup and skillset internally.

We recommend to use the package under the standard supported Cordova setup.

Thx and greetings


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