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Error uploading image targets

The Wikitude studio will not upload any image targets, regardless of file type or size. Even old targets that I'm using currently fail to upload. The message says 1 error(s) occurred. Unexpected error with no other information.

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Hi everyone,

Thx for your patence. Our team was able to fix the issue yesterday late evening Austrian Time. There was an issue with an expired policy so we had to redeploy the frontent.

Everything is working as expected again now since the deployment.

We're sorry for any inconveniences.



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Hi John,

Are you working with an image file that includes transparencies? If so, please note .png files that include transparency is not supported in Studio.

As for the old targets that you mentioned, or if the images that you upload is not a .png with transparencies, please share the images so we can check internally.

Thx and greetings


Thanks for the reply.  We are not using transparent .png files, they are .jpg and currently we cannot upload any image targets at all, as mentioned even images that are currently used in our our other projects in studio will not upload so something is wrong.  Are you able to create image targets in studio?  If it's not a broader issue and perhaps isolated geographically or affecting only our account I will gladly provide support with the account information to troubleshoot.

Hi John,

We’ve just tested the behaviour and can verify the issue. Our team is already working on it and I’ll let you know once everything is working as expected.

We’re sorry for the inconveniences and keep you update.

Thx and greetings


I am also experiencing this issue when uploading the same image whether its a .jpg or .png.

i, altso the same issue. 

I am experiencing same issue.

Target images that were previously well uploaded are not uploaded now.

Can confirm it works for me, thank you for the speedy turnaround!

I am still facing with same issue.


Does clearing the cache solve the problem for you? If not, could you please provide details on which browser you're using?

Thx and greetings


I cleared browser cache. it work well.

Thank you for your supporting.

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