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Wikitude Project using Image Targeting in Unity


I am creating an AR project using wikitude's Image Targeting. I have posted on the forums numerous times but couldn't get a proper response. The problem that occurs is on the phone whilst the unity editor works as intended. The error that I get is a black screen without the wikitude logo or the trial watermark whatsoever, also I would like to know if there is any way for arcore to be disabled since I intend to build the app for all android devices and arcore is not a compatible feature in many of the phones. All the threads and solutions regarding this topic had been tried, but was in vain.

Unity version 2019.2.13f1

Latest version of wikitude.

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This is most likely a problem with the camera permissions not being granted (or even asked for) by the application. The sample application does this in the Main Menu scene (MenuController.cs), which is probably missing from your build.

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