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Arcore for Wikitude


        I have made an AR app using wikitude trial license and instant tracking. The project works in the editor but after building it to an android device, the app requests to install arcore into the device. Since I am making an app for all devices, is there any way to disable arcore completely for the project. 

I am using Unity 2019.2.13f1 and the latest version of wikitude.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance. 


Please make sure that the following folders have the same files as in the sample project:

  • Assets/Wikitude/Dependencies
  • Assets/Wikitude/Editor
  • Assets/Plugins/Android
  • Assets/Plugins/iOS

It's very likely that some of the files are missing, corrupted, or out of date.

When updating the files in the Dependencies, please make sure to not change any existing .meta files. Doing so might lead to missing references in your project. I would strongly encourage backing up your project first, or using a source control system.

Best regards,


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