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Arcore for Wikitude


        I have made an AR app using wikitude trial license and instant tracking. The project works in the editor but after building it to an android device, the app requests to install arcore into the device. Since I am making an app for all devices, is there any way to disable arcore completely for the project. 

I am using Unity 2019.2.13f1 and the latest version of wikitude.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance. 


Please have a look at our feature SMART - SMART is a seamless API which integrates ARKit, ARCore and Wikitude’s SLAM in a single augmented reality SDK, cross-platform, for any device. It ensures the delivery of the best possible augmented reality experience on a wider range of devices, covering 92,6% of iOS devices and about 35% of Android devices available in the market.

Thx and greetings



   Thanks for the fast reply.

I have tried both enabling and disabling the SMART feature but it does not seem to work with devices that doesn't support AR. I have attached a screenshot from my phone. I had tried it on different phones and I get a notification to install arcore, even though it is not supported.

Hi Saurav,

Does this forum post help you with your issue?




  I had already tried the solutions in the above mentioned post. the color on the bottom shows red and I have already tried disabling the SMART feature. None of it seems to solve the issue.

Thanks again for quick reply 


This is most likely a problem with the camera permissions not being granted (or even asked for) by the application. The sample application does this in the Main Menu scene (MenuController.cs), which is probably missing from your build.

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 Could you please be more precise on how I would add the MenuController script into my build, since I have already added it into the build but the result seems to be the same, so is there something that I need to add as references?  

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