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QR scanner for vCard QR codes?

Hi there!


We use the JS-SDK and have implemented the QR- and barcode library "ZBar" (as explained at qr-code-reader) to recognize QR codes and AR markers with a single scanner. In principle, this works pretty well, but unfortunately the scanner only recognizes QR codes of the "Web-URL" type, but not of the "vCard" type.
(Tested and found on all Apple iOS devices so far.)


Is this a known problem?

Is there a way to fix that?

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Hi Carsten,

The ZBar library is a sample library that we integrated to demonstrate how such libraries can be integrrated with the SDK. In case the ZBar libary does not support a specific format, you might need to use a different library that fulfills your requirements better.

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola,

Thx so far! All our attempts to read the vCard codes have so far been unsuccessful! Can you give us some alternatives to the Zbar Library?

Hi Nocla!


Thanks so far! All our attempts to recognize the vCard QR codes were unfortunately unsuccessful! :( 

Can you give us alternatives to the ZBar Library?

Hi Carsten,

We don't have any experience with any specific vCard library, as we only offer the ZBar sample and did not further investigations in other libraries of that kind. I can unfortunately only recommend to check online for a suitable libary that allows also to work with vCard type codes.

Thx for your understanding.


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