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InstantTrackable Drawables Cam Not Inheriting Position & Size of Drawables Initialization


Any idea what could be causing the IntantTrackable drawable cam (blue crosshair) to not inherit the size and position of the drawable initialization?

When I set this: 

this.tracker.state = AR.InstantTrackerState.TRACKING;

The blue crosshair that is the drawable cam appears, but it appears basically at 0, where my device is, even though the initialization cross hairs are farther away.

Any clue what might cause this? Any clue what might fix it?

Thank you.


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I forgot to add:

If I mark smartEnabled as false in the manner the docs mention:

    smartEnabled: false


Then it works as expected.

It is only when I am using SMART that this error occurs.

SDK 8.7, XCode 11, iOS13, iPhone 11 Pro

Any idea what in SMART may be causing the cam drawable to not inherit the position/scale/coordinates of the initialization drawables? Or any idea how I can fix this without turning SMART off?

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