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[Process] kill() returned unexpected error 1 - iOS 13.2.3 and Wikitude 8.9


I am currently trying to replace Wikitude SDK 8.2 with Wikitude SDK 8.9 in an iOS,  building with Xcode 11.2.1.

When building on my device (iPhone Xs iOS 13.2.3) image recognition is not working anymore and I get many many errors in the console : "[Process] kill() returned unexpected error 1". It happens only when using SDK 8.9

I found many people recently having issues with WKWebView, and I know that you the newer SDK is using WKWebView as replacement for UIWebView.

Are you aware of the issue and do you have any solution for this ?

I will try on my side using Xcode 11.3 see if it changes anything.

Thank you for the help,

Hi Martin,

Yes, we are aware of the issue. This seems to be a bug in WebKit itself introduced with iOS 13. It still seems to be reproducible in iOS 13.3 on Xcode 11.3.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Apple addresses this bug properly in a future release, though WebKit seems to be working fine aside from these vexing log messages.

- Damian

Thank Damian for your answer.

Actually, when using SDK 8.9 with wikitude studio offline experiences image recognition is not working anymore. With the same code, if I switch back to SDK 8.2 image recognition works fine.

Indeed iOS 13.3 does not solve it the Webkit issue.


I tried latest Wikitude SDK 8.10 for iOS and it solves the local project (from Wikitude Studio) image recognition issues.

The WKWebKit console errors are still there, and indeed unrelated.


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