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WTO file // Upgrading from SDK 7.x to SDK 8.x


We have been using licensed Wikitude SDK 7.x for Cordova on Samsung Galaxy Tab. We want to upgrade SDK to the latest version. To test how the application behaves with latest SDK, we updated the application with SDK 8.x but the tracking doesn't work. The application shows the camera with Wikitude watermark but does not recognize objects.

Does the WTO file generated for SDK 7.x work for SDK 8.x too?
If no, is there a way to convert the WTO (SDK 7.x) to become compatible with SDK 8.x without the need of the video files which were used for creating the WTO file in the first place?

Another question, of course, one can download the WTO from the Wikitude Studio. Is there a way to also download the video files which were used to create the trackers?

Thank you for the help.

Any response here?


You could use the .wto file generated for SDK 7 up to SDK version 8.6 --> you can find an overview of the supported versions here:

As the approach to generate the .wto file and the core functionality changed from wto 7.0 to wto 8.0 and the image based creation offers a much improved performance, we recommend to use this approach. We don't offer any conversion wto 7.0 to wto 8.0.

We don't offer a service / feature, that also the input files (videos or images), used to create the wto file can be retrieved via Studio.

Thx and greetings


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