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Can Wikitude recognise Wall, Face, Foot


We are about to build an app for which some of our used cases are mentioned below.

1. Detect lips, eyes, nose, ears, neck and place lipstick, eye glasses, nose ring, ear rings or necklace in its respective parts.

2. Recognise foot & place a shoe on it

3. recognise wall & floor and then change the color of the wall or flooring design.

Can I achieve all the above with the SDK?

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Hi Vikash,

Our SDK is optimized for 2D Image and 3D object Recognition and tracking. >ou could work with our feature Plugins API which allows you to integrate other 3rd party librariers, like face detection library, etc with our SDK. This feature is available for the JS, Native API and Unity SDK you can find several samples in our sample app.

Thx and greetings


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