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playsinline not being respected on iOS

iOS JavaScript SDK version 8.7

No extensions

Tested on iOS 12 and 13

Not sure sample app has this specifically in it

Haven't upgraded to 8.9 as it's not playing our HTML video element at all and constantly sending the error message "[Process] kill() returned unexpected error 1"

We have an HTML video element included in our index.html file which has a source that is dynamically loaded based on various triggers in our ARWorld. Even when including the playsinline attribute on the video tag and including configuration.webViewAllowsInlineMediaPlayback = YES in the WTArchitectStartupConfiguration, the inline playback is not respected on iPhone.

Since according to the migration notes for 8.9, UIWebView has been replaced with WKWebView and the webViewAllowsInlineMediaPlayback property has been removed, I suppose the previous configuration is moot anyways. What are your remmondations for getting inline playback with the latest version of the SDK (so we can implement once that error is squashed and we are able to upgrade).


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We created a ticket for this issue to investigate this further. 



I'd be interested to hear about any outcome. We have the exact same issue on iOS 13 :/

The answer we were given was:


The "[Process] kill() returned unexpected error 1" log seems to be an issue with WebKit itself introduced with iOS 13. It still seems to be reproducible in iOS 13.2.3 on Xcode 11.2.1. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Apple addresses this bug properly in a future release, though WebKit seems to be working fine aside from these vexing log messages.

Regarding the video, we had a recent bug with our WTArchitectView where assets in the device's local storage would not be loaded properly. This will be resolved in our 8.10 release. This would help if the video you are referencing in your HTML was not included in the project's bundle, but maybe downloaded in runtime from a remote source and stored in the device.

We are also looking into the currently missing configuration options, including inline playback, and will be adding them in a future release.


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