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License Expired (Startup)


I have updated my Cordova app to SDK 8.9.1 to use on iOS 13. I am using cordova-ios 5.1.0 and testing on an iPhone 11 Pro.

When I use the key that was generated for my startup license in June the world has an overlay that says it has expired. I have tested to make sure it is the key and not some other mistake causing this error.

Can I get my key unexpired? Is this part of why the key regeneration says email you if key was had before 12/3/2019?

I have emailed you also.

Thank you,


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Hi Eric,

As you have been in contact with my colleague Camila already regarding the license key expired message, let's keep the thread to the direct email to ensure that the commnication stays efficient.

Thx and greetings


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