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how to remove unwanted points from points cloud


I am using Wikitude 8.0 SDK with unity. 

Is there a way to remove unwanted points in point cloud from Wikitude studio before generating the .wto file. 

currently, I have added 4-5 object targets in one object's tracker file for different-2 variation of a product. but - variation's target is showing some unwanted points quite farther from the main object and this is causing an offset of 3d model in AR. 



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Currently there is no feature / option that supports the editing of the created point cloud of the .wto file. In general if you see some of these points that seem to outliers, these should not have impact on the recognition and tracking of the object (of course given you have a good pointcloud of your object).

If you could provide us with images of the object you wish to track and also if possible the images that you use for the .wto generation, we can check if your object is suitable for Object Reco and Tracking. You can send all details to forum [at]

Thx and greetings


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