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How to let bones animation keep on moving when lost tracking?

Dear Wikitude team

We met an issue when use wikitude to render the fbx animation.

We built an AR scene with model PSR animation and bones animations.

The 3 bones animations had been set into different takes in one FBX file.

For instance, i got 3 bones animations named as A_main, B_move, C_loop.

A_main is the default status of the Character model.

We play B_move for 8 seconds and the loop play C_loop.

When the AR scene comes to play C_loop, we move away the device to lost the tracking.

Once we move the device back to get the tracking back, we think we can have our C_loop back. But looks like the animation will be reset.

If we try to do the tracking lost and tracking back 2-3 times, we will get our bones being set to the status of the first frame of A_main.

If we move away the device when the AR scene comes to play B_move and then move back, we will have our bones back to the status of the first frame of B_move.

None of them will start to play, i mean, they will just be static, just as the first frame of particular takes.

But for the model PSR animation, looks like PSR animation knows the time, the behavior of PSR animation is correct.

Is there any way to let the bones animation always keep on moving when we lost tracking? 

Looks like they can not feel the time flying properly.

Hope for your replay, grateful thanks in advance.

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Good morning,

are you explicitly calling either `pause` or `stop` on the `AR.ModelAnimation` when you are losing tracking?

- Daniel

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