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is there any separate single sdk for each example?

i am using WIKITUDE 8.9.0 JAVASCRIPT API using android studio 3.5.2.

using new empty project.

i tried following the SDK example however all the codes and project are dependent to each other and it very hard to find what is what as everything is linked to each other. is there any single SDK example that i can refer to?

and i tried following the the online written guide but i am unable to continue when reached the Architect view as i read i am confuse whether to use HTML or android studio activity with XML . as part of the online guide mentioned on HTML while other part mentioned about architect activity.

the part to call HTML is also confusing as it does not mention whether to retrieve it using HTML or android studio Activity with xml

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We don't offer a sample app for each of the samples - only the sample app that you're working with. For the AR experience as such, if you work with the JS SDK, you'll need to work with HTML technologies. The integration of the SDK in the Android app is happening using Native (Java) code. 

Easist is to start with the documentation, the setup guide and then follow each of the samples that have a more detailed description in the documentation.



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