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Temporary white screen in IOS

Unity 2019.1.12, wikitude plugin 8.9.0.

Im using instant traker with instant tracker controller and grid renderer from samples(slightly modified).

When I open app on IOS a short white screen appears at the very beginning.

Video(timing 0.01) -

For resetting, I delete the current instant controller and create a new one, while this white screen also appears.

Video(timing 0.13) -

Is it possible to remove it somehow?

This happens only on iOS, on the android and in the editor this does not happen.


This happens because there is a delay between when the SDK starts and when the camera starts. These two events are reported through callbacks from the WikitudeCamera (WikitudeCamera.OnSDKInitialized and WikitudeCamera.OnCameraOpened). You could try displaying some sort of loading graphic between these events that would hide the white screen.

Alternatively, would it help if we changed the screen from white to black in the next release?

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Thanks for the answer.

And what will happen if you disable it at all? Make it transparent? Is it possible to make ourselves decide what will happen? Let's create the desired popup at this time, and not see this white screen.


It can be disabled completely, as something needs to be drawn on the screen until the camera camera starts. As I've mentioned before, this will happen between WikitudeCamera.OnSDKInitialized and WikitudeCamera.OnCameraOpened events, so you could display something else during this period.

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