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Wikitude Studio Hosting Shareable Link

We recently purchased the SDK Pro subscription so we can have our targets and AR content placed and hosted from Wikitude Studio as opposed to loading them all in an assets folder and hard-coding the placement.  The plan was to put this AR in an existing application.  However, I can not understand how the shareable link under project-> 'host' in Wikitude Studio is supposed to work.  The instructions say 'you can share this link directly in your app' and that the content changes made in studio will be immediately reflected using the link.  Where does this link go?  Their is no SDK sample for this option in the SDK download.  Does this link go as the value for my targetCollection valuable??  All I have found says I need to download an App Template from Wikitude Studio.  However, there are two problems here...1. The template is an offline JSON option so I do not know where the link goes or how it is supposed to work..and 2.  How is this 'hosting' if I still have to download every target and AR content item in an asset folder?  Any new tutorials or instructions on how to use the hosted service?

Secondly, once I am hosting the do I enable ExtendedTracking?

Using Wikitude SDK 8 (downloaded latest September, 2019)

Pro license

Android Studio

Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you.


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you can add this link as an input parameter into the loadArchitectWorldFromURL function (iOS) or the load function (Android). You will find these functions to be used all over the sample applications we provide. Alternatively, our sample apps allow you to enter a 'World URL' manually. You could run the sample app, enter the URL you've been given by Studio on the mobile device and it will be loaded an opened. You could use this to develop the Architect world without having to create your own standalone app beforehand.

Does this clear up things?

- Daniel

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