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3D Object Collision


I'm really new to Wikitude and currently roaming around to about how to develop AR App.

Was wondering is there any method can be set to detect when two 3D objects meet(collide) together?

Many thanks!

Hi Marvin,

that depends on which version of our SDK you are using. If you are using the Unity Plugin, then that should easily be possible; Unity does provide collision detection among many other things. If you happen to be using the JavaScript SDK, then collision detection is not something we offer currently.

Using the native SDK, that would, of course, be possible, but you'd have to implement it yourself in addition to a lot of other things that the native SDK simply does not take care of for you (i.e. rendering).

- Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry forgot to mention, I am exploring the Flutter SDK which rely on the JavaScript SDK.

Okay, will try to figure it out first to create some implementation with or perhaps if you have any further advice please let me know.


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