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Reusing AR element without updating app- similar to WebAR

Hi Guys,

 I have an issue that the app needs to play different AR elements based on the updated targets or updated offers. Now the understanding on which the team is giving me feedback is that the app would be needed to be updated every time to play the new element. They are suggesting to go for WebAR solutions which are not available with wikitude. 

Can someone guide me how to solve that problem with Wikitude.

Hi Majid,

You generally have different options here:

- Work with our Cloud Recognition feature. This is suitable if you have several 1000 images you want to recognize and e.g. embed the functionality in your own CMS for easier integration in the workflow if the content changes often.

- Work with Client Recognition and store the content on your servers. You can store the complete AR experience or just files on a server and reference it from the app. E.g. when you store the complete AR experience on your servers, then you simply can load it when you start the AR experience. Details on how to reference the experience in the architectView.load() can be found in the according documentation.

I hope this helps. Greetings


Hi Nicola,

 Thanks for getting back on this. Yes the cloud service can enable multiple images detection. 

Its the second part of the feedback which is more likely a solution for us.

The problem is that for new images that can be hosted on our own servers, we want to have new animations (like different messages, Call to action etc). For that what can be done that the user does not have to update the app. Can they be downloaded and executed at runtime seamlessly. 

Looking forwards. Im sure there must be a solution which we are not looking at as this issue will be quite common for CMS services especially in retail.


As mentioned you can store the complete AR experience (so including the animations / augmentations on your servers). I'm assuming you work with the JS SDK (or a JS SDK based extension like Cordova, Xamarin), so you'd put the .html, .js, .css files and assets on the server. If you then enter the url to the index.html file in the architectView.load(), then the experience is loaded from there. So yes -they can be downloaded and executed at runtime.

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola,

 Thanks fo rthe answer. It does guide to what I was looking for. I will ask the team to look into this direction and this should ideally help us. If you have any running example that can be shared it will be great otherwise I am sure we can figure something out from the info provided. 

Thanks again.



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