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Epson BT-350 Smart glass camera Black with SDK 8.2.0


I downloaded new 8.2 SDK and and opened example project. I calibrated smart glass. But example project all screen is black. Camera did not opened with tracking all example menu items. What is the problem for camera?

Thank you,

Hi Bertem,

So you can deploy the sample app on the glasses, go through the calibration process but then you don't see the list view with the different samples?

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola

Thanks for your quick reply. I deployed sample app and  i calibrated smart glass with calibration image. When try to example project glass switch 3d screen after wikitude logo but camera did not open screen is black. UI top bar is showing in the screen and there is "trial" text. Also try to multiple targets, when i look at the sample dinosaur picture 3D model appears on the screen but it is still black screen. What is the wrong?


A black screen might be an indication that the calibration was not successful. Could you restart with the calibration process to make sure that the process is finished successfully?

Also - does the same happen when you try with the Epson SDK version 8.1.:

Thx and greetings


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