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GPS + AR location based

Is there possibility to make this with Unity? Are there any tutorials about that.

I want to place an object on selected coordinates, 1:1 size

That is true; right now I have a scene with geolocation connected to another scene with object tracking, It would be huge plus, though, to have these same features coexist in the same scene.

you want to combine location based service and image/object tracking in the same app? This is our next step too.

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Very cool! I'm hoping we both find our solution here soon. For me this is a side project I've been tinkering with for a little while, regarding cultural heritage and tourism.

We found solution for location based, and works fine, we are in testing stage now, next week should be in working stage. Our goal is also heritage and tourism

That's great! Congrats. My biggest issue at the moment is getting accurate and consistent location placement with that asset store package.

Hope you make it work, there is also a problem of technological limits, which I hate. But we have to work with them

Hi Ziga,

I'm Mojtaba from LBAR, Wikitude team sent me a message regarding that you have not received feedback from us. I checked our email history and saw that there were only one email which we wrote back with instructions on your issue. But we haven't received any more emails.

If you had any more issues please don't hesitate to send us email at 

You can also send us your whole project so we can debug it for you.

Thanks very much

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