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GPS + AR location based

Is there possibility to make this with Unity? Are there any tutorials about that.

I want to place an object on selected coordinates, 1:1 size

Hi Ziga,

Our partners from PendAR wrote a Unity Plugin that can be used together with our SDK to enable geoAR also with our Unity Plugin. You can find the details here:

The also offer a video tutorial on how the building and integration works.

Thx and greetings


Hi, this thing is not working and they are not writing back, is this even operational?

What are other solutions for this you have?


We reached out to our partners and let them know about your request. They should get back to you shortly.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Thx and greetings


thank you

Hey Ziga, did you end up getting any help from them? I just contacted them because the POI controller prefab is missing a script (apart from the World script) and I'm not sure how to acquire a license key for testing on iOS. I followed the tutorial, but my build keeps crashing on iOS.

Hey Ian, I just got the message from them, that new version have this prefab in, but it still does not work, and no answer from them. So I got another person to do some things for me.

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Thanks for the quick response! That's such a bummer. Any tips on going a different direction with this?

no problem, also tried this: It is unity plugin, but is not stable.

Same here actually! I wish that it worked with Wikitude for the sake of my project. Maybe I can get them to work together some how

write me, and tell what are you working on, maybe we can find a solution.


If you need further support please let us know and we can check in with our partner who is maintaining the plugin.

Thx and greetings


If they don't reply to messages, then it's no use

They did end up replying and sent me a dev package! It works with Wikitude camera and object tracking, however when my tracked object comes into view, an instance of the POI gameobject snaps to it as well as a large pink (untextured) sphere, which is nowhere in my scene.

Their email system has sent me a few automated messages saying my email was not received, so I'm trying to get back in contact with them.

So no luck with that, we already have location based almost working system, so don't need them any more actually

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