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(Update On) Unity WTC Editor: Run by Editor-Script

I know this question was asked 2 years ago but do you have an update on when this will be possible to generate a wtc file via a custom editor script? I noticed in the Wikitude plugin this class UnityEditorSimulator

UnityEditorSimulator.AddImageTarget("test", 45, 5f);

What does the AddImageTarget method do I can't find any documentation on it?

I just want to be able to add a sprite or texture and press a generate button on a custom editor script and have it download locally to my computer.



The UnityEditorSimulator API is used at runtime to simulate a recognition event on a trackable, for example. It's mostly useful for automated tests inside of the editor.

Currently, the ability to generate .wtc files programatically, either through a Linux / macOS binary, or through the Studio API, is only available for Enterprise customers. Please contact our sales team if that is something you're interested in.

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@Wikitude Any ideas?

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