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Create AR Experience from a 360 Video Tour

I am looking for guidance/advice as to how I might create an AR experience from a 360 video tour? We are already creating the 360 video tours so I am curious if it is possible to somehow extract/port it over projects as the the basis of a real world AR experience and hopefully without extreme duplication of effort? If so what methodologies, tools might I look into to achieve this? Very new to Wikitude and new to AR in general. Our 360 video tours are based on the Marzipano player:

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Good morning John,

would you mind describing the exact use case you have in mind in a bit more detail? How would you like to merge your 360 videos with AR? Intuitively, this sounds a bit more like a VR experience to me (everything the user sees is virtual) rather than an AR experience (user sees the real world with virtual content overlaid). What I'd be interested to know, specifically, is how the real world/ the device camera feed would participate in your use case.

- Daniel

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