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iOS memory pressure crash


I'm using the latest iOS (JS) SDK, (8.7.0, 2019.08.13), and getting Memory pressure events after 15 seconds of runtime, and a crash after about 20 seconds. I'm using the downloadable offline project from one of our object collections. The WikitudeStudio folder containing all the assets (8 targets with 8 3D augmentations each) is about 30MB but the app quickly ramps up to about 600-700MB memory used.

Currently testing on  an iPhone 6 with iOS 12.4.1.

I'm happy to provide any information, or files if that helps.

Thanks in advance


Yes please share the Studio AR experience and also the crashlog. Does this issue also appear if you test the Studio experience within the SDK sample app or only in your own app?

Thx and greetings



Thanks for the quick response, sorry for not answering quicker, we were in a prelaunch rush. We as a final solution removed the 3D markers from the iOS build.

Some further test results we gathered: the total memory consumption of the app was between 1.5-2GB, after testing on a stronger device.

My own app is basically the iOS offline experience, with an added main menu. So everything else should be pretty lightweight.

Here's a link to the full downloaded project (file size was too big to upload here).

Thanks for the help


We looked into the .wto file being used in the project you provided. Looks like it was generated with an older version of Wikitude Studio and the size of the maps included is indeed a problem. Here are a few tips to reduce their size:

First of all I would suggest that you regenerate your maps with the latest version of Wikitude Studio, this should already optimize them significantly.

You could also use less input images and keep the same tracking quality. Some of the frames seem to be too close to each other, so they cover the same areas of the object and don't provide any additional information for the tracking. Reducing the amount of redundant images would reduce the size of the map while maintaining the same performance.

Finally, I would also recommend that you split the maps into two or three smaller files, if you know ahead of time which of them will be recognized. So if you know that location A contains some maps and location B has the rest, you could switch between them based on user input.

Please let us know if this helps.

- Damian

Thanks a lot Damien!!

We will check these options out.

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