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Black screen after launching AR app in my Ipad pro

Hi Team,

I was following tutorial in youtube to build AR app using wikitude, after launching the app in ipad pro camera is not launching.

Unity Version: 2018.1.5f1

XCode Version: 10.1

ios version: 12.4



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Could you please provide the following details:

  • Which version of the SDK are you using?
  • Is this only happening on iOS or also on Android devices
  • Is this happening with the sample app or in your own app? If it happens with your own app, Does the sample app work on your device?
  • Did you follow the exact setup guide of the SDK version you're using - you can find this in the according documentation (here for the latest Unity SDK version)
  • Did you make sure to check the migration guide (in case you used an older SDK version before, to make sure that all fuctions are used as needed in the latest SDK version)

Thx and greetings


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