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location based on AR Depend on What

The geo based AR feature depend on GPS or What ?

And The Distance between Any  the nearest location with meters or centimeters?

I want to know the distance between two objects close to each other does not exceed the distance of some centimeters Does The geo based AR feature can identify each object exactly??


I Want to know the accuracy of GEO AR?

I want to specify the nearest object to my location the distance can be with centimeters?

Thanks for your consideration and i am waiting for your response as soon as possible.


Yes, if you don't work with e.g. indoor positioning, beacons, etc. and use the standard signal outside you're working with the GPS signal.

The accuracy within our SDK is dependent on the OS and which values are fed into the SDK - e.g. on Android you can implement your own Location Strategy. But there might also be a difference in accuracy depending on where you're testing (rural / non-rural). Some centimeters is unfortunately not feasible with GPS based positioning.



So as I understand The geo based AR feature doesn't work with  indoor positioning, beacons is this true or not?

if The geo based AR feature doesn't work with  indoor positioning, beacons  so what is the alternative solution ?


You can also use a indoor positioning solution and feed the location data from this indoor positioning solution to the Wikitude SDK. For our SDK it doesn't matter where the geodata is coming from. The standard approach outdoors would be the use of GPS - if you work with indoor locations, then working with an indoor location solution (e.g. beacons, wifi repeater,...) would be the more suitable one. 



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