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How to make sure if Unity+Wikitude - iOS Xcode exported project is using ARKit?


We are currently developing an AR based project using Unity + Wikitude SDK for Unity. 

We want to deploy on iPad since Wikitude integrates ARKit and that would give us a very good AR experience, so we export our project to an Xcode project.

The problem is, after testing a native ARKit project, the AR experience offered by the exported Unity + Wikitude project is not as good. We think this is happening because Wikitude is not using ARKit, but we couldnt find a way to make sure that the exported project is actually using ARKit or not.

How can i check that? How can i make sure that the app is using ARKit?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Sebastian,

You can check if the ARKit is available using WikitudeSDK.IsPlatformAssistedTrackingSupported. Further details below:

To check if the device supports platform assistance for tracking, WikitudeSDK.IsPlatformAssistedTrackingSupportedcan be called. Please keep in mind that this needs to be called after the Start method of the WikitudeCamera was executed, to make sure that the native components are properly initialized. The IsPlatformAssistedTrackingSupported method doesn't return the result immediately, but takes an Action as a parameter, that will be called when the result is available

Please let us know if these details help.

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola, 

Thanks for your fast answer.

I didn't make myself clear in the first post.

We are using the feature ImageTracking (not InstaTracking), we are finding a target and positioning objects around that (using ExtendedTracking). 

We are not sure if we are making use of ARKit or not. It seems to lose reference of the target faster than the Native example we developed.

Is there a way to check if we are using ARKit in this case?

Do we have to import something else (related to ARKit) on our Xcode project?

Thanks again,


Hi Sebastian,

Thx for the clarification. If you work with Image Recognition then you're using Wikitude's own algorithms and ARKit is not activated /available for this feature.



Hi Nicola,

Okey, perfect! Just wanted to be sure.

Thanks for your time,


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