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Geofencing with polygon as area


I'm trying to implement an AR-Application which uses geofencing. But at the moment I struggle to find a possibility to create a geofencing object with the shape of a polygon. 
I know of the class ActionRange, but this uses a circle and what I need is a custom polygon (with multiple locations as corners) for tracking. 
Is this possible with Wikitude? 

I'm using the JavaScript-API. 

Thanks in advance


Hi Jennifer,

The SDK currently only supports the ActionRange as circle and not as custom polygon. I'll add this to our feature request list to have it noted that you requested this feature. I can't give any timeline on when / if this will be added to our roadmap though.

We'll keep you updated once something in this direction changes.

Thx and greetings


Hello Nicola, 
Thanks for your answer. Then I'll have to implement this by myself for now. 
Looking forward for this new feature. 


Great. Should we add this feature in the future at one point, we'll let you know.


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