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3D Object Tracking in Web AR?


I am currently working on a project, where AR content should be displayed on object tracking in WebGL


Our SDK still does not support WebAR, nor this is something that we plan to support in the near future.



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Is there an update to this in the latest versions of the Wikitude SDK for both web and the cordova SDK? If so, would it be possible to use the SDK to run on web and native versions with the same codebase (albeit small build setting differences?). Please let me know, would appreciate any help on this.


if the implied question is whether we support this use-case: we don't. We don't have a WebAR offering currently. Using Wikitude you'd need to create a dedicated app or host your AR experience in the Wikitude app. We do offer an SDK, however, that allows you to use JavaScript.

- Daniel

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